Live the Florida Life

Designed with love, sewn by hand.

Ibis Florida Fashions make a statement. "I love Art, so I wear Art." Not loud, but BOLD! All the colors of a Florida rainbow after a hurricane.

Subtle like a fine aged wine for those who can really appreciate it.

Young, youthful and timeless. Not a style, but a statement.

This is Florida and we love it.

All Ibis Florida Fashions LLC work you see here is handmade starting when your order is paid. There is no money added for overstock warehousing. There is no waste due to over-production and hence more love goes into the quality of your order. No costs are needed to deal with waste.
Ibis does not employ "sports icons or actors or fashion personalities" to tout our work. Persons who would most likely never be seen in the wares they do tout if not paid.
Yes. Ibis is new and we do need and most sincerely seek your trust. Dale designs every piece from scratch, from his own exhaustingly creative mind. From digital photography he takes, from digitally adjusted hand drawn artwork he hand draws (pencil sketches, ink drawings, pastel drawing and even acrylic paintings). Each piece is lovingly composed using all the classically trained Old School media AND expertise in all of the New School media available through technology.

Ibis Florida Fashions

At Ibis fashions ... well, we just got started. So we expect we will make a few goofs with all of the internet twists and turns, but one thing is for certain and that is we will listen and respond to your feedback.


Our lead designer (Dale Peterson) is an M.F.A. graduate of the University of California, has been an active and successful exhibiting artist for nearly 50 years.

More on our amazing team as we grow.

Creating and managing an online store is tricky. Getting all the little algorithmic code objects interlinked to reflect and generate a fluid customer experience without a single glitch ... well this does require (we admit) very skilled and gifted online store technicians. Which for now ... well, we just can't afford. We are doing our best. We love you for your visit to our store and although we can't claim to be a perfect online store, we adamantly claim that we are providing products in streetwear and accessories you will not find anywhere else imbued with such sincerity.

Yes, It's Me

B.F.A, M.A., M.F.A.; Etc. My abbreviated Resumé.

Yes, It's Me